skytrain - Vancouver

The New SkyTrain Millennium Extension is 21 kms long, linking Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam. Various contractors built a total of 13 new stations on the line.

The elevated guideway runs primarily within industrial areas and existing road and rail corridors. By erecting the guideway with overhead erection trusses, the SCI led team minimized disruption to the traveling public, the business community and residential neighbourhoods.

There were a total of 4 trusses for the Project. Each truss remained above the roadway, negating the need for road closures as would be typically required if large cranes were used for the erection process of monolithic beams, that had been adopted for previous Skytrain sections. Less heavy equipment was used to transport guideway segments to the worksite than would be required for conventional one-piece beams. For efficiency, operations were conducted in several areas at the same time.

The construction went from the fall of 1999, through to completion in 2001. The project employed over 500 people during its full term.