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  • SC Infrastructure is dedicated to providing well-structured and commercially viable solutions for needed infrastructure on a global basis.
  • SCI is incorporated under the laws of Alberta, with company headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • SCI captures the knowledge and strong experience of our predecessor companies, which the owners, management, and people of SCI had guided and/or developed, and further builds upon the distinguished histories of those firms.
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After many years in the business of bringing creative ideas to life, we have successfully completed a number of projects across Canada and Internationally. Click here to visit our Projects page.

We are responsive to the unique requirements of a particular project and committed to analyzing and rethinking a problem until the best technical solution is developed. We have the skills and experience to interpret the financial requirements of a project and to develop innovative financial solutions to these challenges. We will carefully listen to the needs and details of your project; and focus the specialist skills of our company – design, engineering, construction and finance, along with our considerable ingenuity and energy to find the best solution. Click here to visit our Mission page.

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Our company, has the skills, the ability and most importantly, the keen interest, in facilitating and achieving the best project solution for our partners. Click here to learn about our Project Solutions.

From the early days of our organization, SCI employees have been acknowledged as innovators in the conception and implementation of value-engineered design-build solutions, as well as leaders in the construction industry. Our participation in notable projects around the globe has earned us a number of awards, both in Canada and internationally. Click here to visit our awards page.


We’re always happy to be of assistance.

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